Why Cargomatic

Powering Today's Most Innovative Supply Chains

An Open Approach

A Tangible ROI

A Sustainable Solution

A Trusted Partner

Cargomatic Powers Local Freight

Companies that operate the largest and most complex supply chains use Cargomatic as their partner of choice. Their reasons include our technology, workflow management, limitless capacity and same-day availability.

Powering Local Freight

Removing Friction Across the Entire Supply Chain

Cargomatic has built one of the industry’s most robust freight platforms. With integrations across terminals, SSLs, TMSs, rail lines, billing systems and enterprise ERPs, our approach fits seamlessly into supply chains of every size.

Empowering Our Customers’ Employees to Do More

We were first to market with 80%+ touchless freight. Employees in our customers’ logistics, transportation, sales and operations functions don’t worry about basic shipping needs; they’re empowered to tackle robust challenges that drive meaningful bottom-line results.

Using AI to Eliminate Deadhead

Our combination of Artificial Intelligence and location-based matching helps shippers reduce emissions caused by their supply chain. In Thailand we aim to cut emissions by 40%, a figure already achieved in the U.S. market.

More than 1,000 Shippers Can’t Be Wrong

From the top five U.S. importers to startups looking to move their first pallet, we've created a solution that meets the needs of every shipper.

Our drayage capabilities expand to the top 20 ports in the continental US.


Our nationwide drayage capabilities cover Thailand’s main ports addressing the needs of shippers regardless of where they are importing or exporting goods.


Among our most comprehensive offerings, our intermodal shipping solutions enable shippers to utilize Cargomatic as a one-stop solution for all of their air, ground, rail and sea shipments; we have expertise in connecting all of the spokes and hubs for our customers’ supply chains, regardless of the means of transportation they’ve chosen to utilize (or relied on us to help them refine). 

Our flexible less-than-truckload offerings match shippers with the right equipment and capacity

Less Than Truckload

Our flexible less-than-truckload offerings match shippers with the right equipment and capacity to ensure goods are delivered on time, and in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Depending on the flexibility of when goods are needed, Cargomatic’s smart routing and bundling technology can bundle loads with multiple shippers to garner efficiencies and reduce costs.

Last Mile

At Cargomatic, we flawlessly execute B2C and C2C deliveries to end users at both home and work. We also offer white glove and collection services so your customers have access to the reliable solutions they need from first to final mile.